Workshops and Classes


One Hour Introduction to Positive Discipline (free)

This is an introduction to "Positive Discipline " and how it impacts the relationships between parents and their children. 

One day Positive Discipline workshop

This workshop covers different styles of discipline parents use and their effects. It also explores the belief behind children's behavior and  strategies to deal with them effectively.

Six Weeks Positive Discipline Parenting Class with a workbook and Positive Discipline Book ( Weekly Readings)

Week 1 Agenda

Theme: What Do You Want for Your Children? Curiosity Questions, and Hugs

 Week 2 Agenda

Theme: What is Positive Discipline, Kind and Firm, Brain in the Palm of the Hand, Piaget, Positive Time Out

Week 3 Agenda

Theme: Belief Behind the Behavior, Mistaken Goal Chart, Birth Order, and Sibling Rivalry

Week 4 Agenda

Theme: Adults May Contribute to Mistaken Goal Behavior, Your Childhood Decisions, Natural and Logical Consequences, Focusing on Solutions Through Family Meetings, Routine Charts

Week 5 Agenda

Theme: Review (Not so Perfect Parent and Asking vs. Telling), Connection Before Correction, Thermometer, Encouragement vs. Praise, Wheel of Choice, Back Talk

Week 6 Agenda

Theme: What is My Part? Mistakes as Opportunities to Learn Continuum of Change Bumper Sticker (or Life Slogans) Lifestyle Priorities (Top Card) Empowering Vs. Discouraging 

Seven weeks Positive Discipline Parenting Class with Positive Discipline Book (Weekly Readings)

This class is spread over seven weeks, with a two and a half hour class every week. It covers the book "Positive Discipline for Parents" by Jane Nelson, with its lessons reinforced by various hands-on and interactive activities. It also includes reading assignments for each week, which support the concepts covered in reading assignments.

Personalized Coaching sessions for families

Personalized coaching based on your family's needs through Zoom.